Sunday, February 17, 2013

A "Fischy" Doctor...

How many out there have heard of Dr. Stuart Fischbein?

I have heard about him a couple times b/c I read about his issues and probation on another blog and read about James Van Der Beek's wife's breech baby home birth (cringe) that he attended as the main care provider but did not realize he was so, um, in my community. My immediate community. He apparently has won (two times) Physician of the Year at the Doulas Association of Southern California awards - an association of which I am a member. And recently I saw photos of him on Facebook at a home birth with a midwife I know (she taught childbirth ed classes to my husband and I).

Anywho, all this mention of him so close to home and of course I had to Google him. I came across his website and saw that he's asking for money. I read the explanation for what the money is supposed to go toward but I'm still confused? It didn't make much sense to me and I still don't understand what his fund is for. Anyone know what he is using the money for?

I read a couple articles about him, like this one here which states:
"In Los Angeles Superior Court last year, he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of sexual exploitation involving the same patient and was sentenced to three years probation. A second count of the same offense was not prosecuted."
"According to findings presented by Reyes with his proposed decision, Fischbein first met the patient at his Camarillo office. They had sex twice, both times during a period when Fischbein had advised against sex because of the surgery."
""It's illegal under the business and professions code 726 for a physician to have sex with his or her patient," [Medical Board spokeswoman Candis] Cohen said. "And consent is no defense.""

So that explains his trouble with the law. So, I had to go to the Medical Board of California to see if I could find out more and see if they took any action. I did (find out more). And they did (take action).

Here's what I found at the Medical Board of California. There are two public record documents.

The first document (2007) details out the relationship between Dr. Fischbein and his patient. Things of note:
- respondant = Dr. Fischbein; S.K. = his female patient
- he performed surgery on S.K. on September 16th. S.K. was in a relationship at the time.
- Then there's this:

- on September 28th (12 days after surgery), he visited her at her home and "the two had consensual sexual intercourse"
 - on October 1st, they had sexual intercourse again
- another physician weighed in on this:

- I'm pretty sure he deviated from the standard of care by having sexual intercourse with S.K. period. Well, obviously, the law and the Med Board agree see it that way as well. Anywho.
- soooooo... her doctor told her she shouldn't have sex with anyone for 4-6 week (which would mean for her to not have sex with her then boyfriend).... and yet, 12 days later, her doctor has sex with her. Did he not care about the surgery he just performed on her? Or did he just not want her to have sex with anyone else?
- He ended up getting 7 years probation, more details of the order and his probation begin on page 11 of the above Med Board link

The second document (2011) details out his request to have his 7 year probation cease. I had read about this on another site as well. Things of note:


Can you imagine that poor patient of his if he actually made that movie about their relationship?! I would FREAK. That is horrible.

So he's still on probation. And I don't know if he has hospital privileges anywhere? It says he was asked to leave as Medical Director at a clinic and that he resigned from Cedars-Sinai hospital.

Anyway, apparently he does home births now. And he's asking for donations from people.

I don't know.... this all sounds horribly fishy to me. I can't say I'd be comfortable having him as my doctor. B/c I wouldn't be. At all. Sorry, my exact thoughts can pretty much be summed us as "ew, noooooooo."

He seems to have so many supporters and followers and people who worship him. Do people not know about this stuff? Do they know and not care? Thoughts?


  1. I thought he also presided over the death of at least one baby at homebirth, but I could be confusing him with another doctor. Dr. Biter is the other doctor I have heard of that the NCB community loves because he does homebirths. Maybe he was the one with dead babies. Either way, this Dr. Fischbein is a criminal and should lose his license to practice permanently.

  2. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo gross.

    When there was that big to-do about the celebrity wife's home breech birth with Dr Fishbien, any time someone would mention that his license was on probation on The Feminist Breeder's Facebook page, she'd delete it calling in "unsubstantiated rumor" or something like that. Oooooooooooookkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, then.

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooo gross.

    I'm trying to think of a rational reason for the homebirth community to accept and embrace this man. It's disgusting. The charges against him are vile. He should go nowhere near any woman's body ever. His behavior is more like a sexual predator than a health care professional.

    The natural home birth community are acting like powerless, helpless, victims. They're accepting help from wherever they can get it, instead of seeking out the most respectable, ethical, qualified provider they can find.

    They must feel desperate and pushed into a corner. There is no other reason to accept this type of provider.

    This is a perfect example of the natural childbirth community NOT acting from a place of empowerment, but from desperation. It is very sad.

  3. This creep molested me in 1987. The story would take too long to tell here, but he showed up at my apartment in 1988, and again after I'd moved, at my house in 1990. He made numerous phone calls to me, even after I moved across the country in 1992. I finally filed a complaint against him with the Medical Board in 1993. Couldn't prove anything, so they took no action. He had an accomplice in the 1987 and 1990 incidents to whom he referred as "Dr. Wayne Smith," who was supposedly an anesthesiologist.

    There is a man named George Bailey who has posted on a few boards that Stuart Fischbein aggressively pursued and had sexual relations with his fiancee, who had gone to him for a pregnancy termination in 1989.

    This sexual predator got away with this stuff for a long time before the Medical Board finally slapped him on the wrist for the 2005 incidents. Unfortunately, he still has a license to practice medicine, and will not be required to have a chaperone after 2014.
    In any case, the man is a criminal and a creep who ought to be avoided at all costs. No woman should ever go near him. He is a sexual predator and evil to the core.

    Most women do not check the Medical Licensing Board for information about their doctors, nor do they even know this is possible. He clearly is not informing his patients that he is on probation for sexual exploitation of a patient, nor does he tell them that he only attends home births because he no longer has hospital privileges anywhere.

    The man is a criminal. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Tell all your friends and relatives to do the same.

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