Monday, September 17, 2012

Due -- A Birth Story

I came across a birth story about a month ago that touched my heart. I know sometimes we may take for granted why due dates are important and why many doctors and midwives alike get anxious with each passing day over 40 weeks. Here is the story about the birth of sweet Clara linked below with a note here from Clara's mother, Heather:

"As a mama who just went through a pregnancy that went to 42w3d and ended in a perfectly formed but stillborn baby, I know that I would do things differently if I had a chance. If I'm ever fortunate enough to be pregnant again, I will do things differently then.

I believe strongly in natural unmedicated birth, but there comes a point where there is a risk to the baby... and that risk is NOT worth it, not even for a second. It's not just about the mama's comfort level... my comfort level was just fine, because I heard all of the "I went to 43w+ and my baby was fine" stories and I believed that my baby girl would be fine too, if I just allowed nature to take its' course. I was wrong.

Nature doesn't always take the right course, and not always in the right time frame. Believe me, no soapbox or belief system is worth the loss of your sweet baby."

Here is the birth story of Clara Edith:

(shared with permission)