Saturday, August 2, 2014

Enough is Enough

No. Home birth deaths aren't just happening because of a "few bad midwives." Too many preventable deaths are happening because the entire system is flawed. It's not just risky, unethical choices causing death and injury.... it's ignorance and incompetence as well. And a system that does nothing to protect women and babies.... but instead protects the midwives.

No. We aren't trying to "end home birth." We aren't trying to limit choices. We think women deserve the BEST choices. We want home birth to be an option.... when it's a reasonably safe option. This can happen.... if enough people start demanding it.

No. We aren't trolls. We are real people with legitimate concerns. We are a group far larger than those of us in this video... all walks of life, *including* midwives. All with a common desire to help women sort through the misinformation out there on which the home birth movement is built.

No. We don't think hospital birth is always perfect and doctors never make mistakes. Negligence deserves consequences no matter where it happens and at least in a hospital, a family can seek accountability if there is negligence. There is no accountability for home birth injuries and deaths. Majority of home birth midwives don't carry malpractice insurance.

Yes. We know babies die in hospitals, too. Hospitals see every type of pregnancy - low risk, high risk, extremely rare conditions and complications, all gestational ages, etc. But it is rare for a healthy, full term baby to die in a hospital. The numbers don't lie. EVERY study on home birth in the USA shows an increase risk of death to babies born at home. EVEN FOR LOW RISK WOMEN.

Yes. That's even what the new 2014 study from Midwives Alliance of North America shows. Don't stop at their ridiculous, dishonest press release. Read the study, compare numbers for yourself. It will be hard because they didn't provide any comparison rates for you to see for yourself.... don't think for a second that that was an accident. Total mortality rates from the MANA study are 2.06/1000 (all risk) and 1.62/1000 (low risk mothers only). These numbers are NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Compare it to the 2013 Birth Center study and you can see for yourself.

Enough with the strawman arguments. Enough with the mother blaming. Time to stop living in denial. Time to stop sweeping the loss under the rug.

Time to start demanding better care for women who want to give birth at home.

Please watch our 3 minute "Not Buried Twice" campaign video:


  1. Enough with the mother blaming.

    Yeah. How 'bout that one. Homebirth for low risk women has been shown to be safe. It has been shown to be safe to give birth outside of hospitals, too. Try the 2013 birth center study if you don't believe me. You are trying to terrify all women who don't want to give birth the same way as you. Instead, how about you try telling them the safe way to have a homebirth since we know it's possible. Mimic what the birth centers do from the 2013 study on certified US birth centers. It's not that difficult. Explain to women that they can have a safe homebirth as long as they are low risk and healthy,live within 15 minutes from a hospital, have two experienced and cautious midwives in attendance, receive shadow care from an OB, get their ultrasounds, their bloodwork done, the vitamin K shot after birth, the test for GBS and GD. Let them know that they should be wary of long labors and long pushing phases, that their midwives should check their baby's heartbeat every 15 minutes during the pushing phase, and that they should be sure to transfer at the first sign of a problem. But no, you can't have that. It's just easier to be a sanctimommy, isn't it?

    1. You said "You are trying to terrify all women who don't want to give birth the same way as you." and that could not be further from the truth. Take a look around my blog. I'm a former home birth advocate and I have had two unmedicated births myself. I think home birth can be a great option, as I stated above. Here are some guidelines for out-of-hospital birth:

      I'm quite familiar with the 2013 Birth Center study. Did you not notice I reference it in this post? I also discuss it and compare outcomes from the MANA study and the Birth Center study here:

      Not all midwives are created equal. And that is very, very big problem.

    2. Also, every 15 minutes during pushing is NOT evidence based care. It's every 5 minutes at that point.

      You should really read the links I just offered. Your comment doesn't make any sense. It's as if you heard something about my blog that you didn't like, didn't actually read anything, and then commented. What exactly is sanctimommy about my blog or this post?

  2. love this post, thanks for speaking up. it's so important!


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